DGX - Real–time market data like never before

DGX completely changes the way you work with and access market data – it is totally intuitive and easy to navigate, with no need to remember codes or obscure page names. DGX is cutting edge technology that provides you with real-time financial information while slashing your data spend.

Free Text Search

Built for the modern search based age and designed to work entirely with free text, DGX works like any intuitive search engine.

News and Twitter

Keep up with the latest news from the most influential commentators on the net, stream CNBC live to your platform, and get breaking news from your customised Twitter Widget.

Streaming Market Data

Access the widest coverage of cash and derivatives market data across all asset classes including rich spot coverage and real-time and historical charts.

ChatWeb Access

DGX Coverage

DGX contains over 800,000 bonds (sovereigns, agencies and supra-nationals, corporates, euro bonds, MBS, ABS), 50,000 stocks, indices and EFTs, 4,000 CDS curves, 500 energy products (power and gas, oil, oil products, emission), all metals, 250 agriculture products, wet and dry freight, all interest rates (all yield curves including OIS, implied correlations, basis spreads, inflation, BMA) and both major and emerging market currencies. The DGX app store includes third party content and applications from more than 200 third party providers.

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