About SuperDerivatives

Since the day its Latin root was first coined, the word “super” has always meant the same thing. Above. Beyond. Better. Including Super in our name was a deliberate choice. To say to our prospects, our industry and ourselves that SuperDerivatives wasn’t just another resource, but an extraordinary one. Super sets a bar we have to live up to every day, and establishes an expectation in the eyes of our clients that they will receive from us the absolute highest level of solutions and services, so they can make consistently smarter and better decisions.

Super means smartest, fastest and best. It isn’t just a word to us. It’s the way we do business.

SuperDerivatives is the global leader in cloud based market data, derivatives trading technology and analytics. The company has renowned expertise across all asset classes and has pioneered multi-asset product structuring and pre-trade analysis systems to support the world's derivatives traders. The market has voted SuperDerivatives the "Best Derivatives Data Provider" for the last three years.


Founded in 2000 SuperDerivatives has repeatedly brought technology and services to the market that have been ground breaking and revolutionary. It was the first company to deliver professional financial systems entirely over the internet. SuperDerivatives proprietary analytics and market data had the firm widely recognised as the benchmark for option pricing; this work in OTC market transparency led many industry observers to comment on the contribution SuperDerivatives has made to the growth in derivatives volume.

In 2004 the company established a market data division publishing implied data from the OTC markets utilising its expertise in market observations and analytics to provide clean, smooth volatility surfaces based on market activity. This was followed by an independent valuation service capable of pricing anything in the markets.

Advances in risk analysis and pre-trade tools culminated in 2010 with the launch of the world's most advanced cross-asset derivatives pricing, structuring and pre-trade analysis system, SDX. This multi-award winning system included specific modules for traders, sales people and structurers and became the corner stone for specialist modules for corporate treasurers, middle office analysts and risk managers.

In 2011 SuperDerivatives launched the world's first anonymous, multi-bank trading system for FX options in partnership with FXCM Pro and this was followed in 2012 by the launch of a market data platform, DGX, that is beginning to transform the way the markets view, access and manage news, chat, cash and derivatives data

SuperDerivatives Services:

Market Data

SuperDerivatives has, for some time, been recognised as the leader in the derivatives market data, and now aims to become the leader in all aspects of market data. DGX, has already been recognised as the most innovative, technologically advanced market data platform in the world.

Trading Technology & Analytics

SuperDerivatives provides derivatives pricing, pre-trade analysis, corporate exposure and compliance management, valuation systems and state of the art cloud based full function front office risk management systems.

Valuation Services

Independent valuation of any traded market risk position regardless of its complexity. All backed by innovative technology to support the workflow of valuation departments.

The Cloud

SuperDerivatives has been delivering cloud services since its inception, before anyone coined the term 'the cloud'. Everything we do has been designed from the outset to operate over the internet. The company is a regular early adopter of the very latest browser, server management and database technology to deliver optimal performance at the best possible price points.