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All of the SuperDerivatives (SD) pricing platforms use conventional internet methods, supported by any standard configuration.

The use of XML technology ensures that operation of SD's products is as fast and smooth as any locally residing platform.

SD's internet-based products run on Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) versions 6.0 or higher.

Browser Setup

To ensure that SD's products are viewed at their best, ActiveX controls and Virtual Machine should be enabled. Check that your browser is set up as follows:

  • From the 'Tools' menu of the browser select 'Internet Options'
  • Under the 'Security' tab, ensure the setting is no higher than medium
  • Click 'Custom Level' to ensure that 'Run ActiveX Controls' and ?Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting' are enabled, and click 'OK'
  • Select the 'Advanced' tab. Scroll down to 'Microsoft VM' (or 'Java VM') and click 'JIT enabled' followed by 'OK'
  • Or simply add SD to the list of trusted sites under the 'Security' tab

ActiveX components

Users are asked to download an ActiveX component only in the Historical Analysis page. This ActiveX component is a dynamic charting tool. If ActiveX components are disabled, users can customise SD's products to work with static images. In this case, charts are displayed as JPEG images. Please see below on how to customise these charts.


The site only works with HTTP (port 80).

Mime-types used in the site are .htm, .asp, .js, .jpg, .gif and .xls

Web-filtering can sometimes cause delays in the operation of the site. In general, we recommend not using web-filtering when working with any of the SD systems:

From the 'Tools' menu of the browser, select 'Internet Options.' Under the 'Content' tab, ensure the 'Content Advisor' is disabled.

Remove SD from any type of content filtering, either on the PC or in the network.

Following the above configurations will ensure smooth operation of the site. However if there are any problems, please contact

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