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Intellectual Property

As a true pioneer and innovative in its field, Super Derivatives® is the developer and owner of a wide variety of intellectual property rights. Super Derivatives values its Intellectual Property and is adamant to protect it.


The following Super Derivatives products and services:

SDX Foreign Exchange™;
SDX Interest Rates™;
SDX Commodities & Energy™;
SDX Equities™;
SDX Credit Derivatives™;
DataX ™,
DGX™ and
DGX Direct™

are protected by one or more of the following United States Patents: 7,315,838, 7,827,084, 8,001,037, 8,073,760, 8,370,234,  8,423,443, 8,498,916, 8,626,630, 8,620,792 8,732,051, 8,775,295 and 9,275,416 as well as by other patents and pending patent applications in the United States and in other countries.

The full text of the US patents can be found at the official site of the United States Patent and Trademark Office at


Super Derivatives software products and graphic user interfaces are copyrighted by Super Derivatives, Inc. and all rights are reserved © 2000–2020.


SuperDerivatives® and DCX® are registered trademarks and SD™, SDX™, SDX Foreign Exchange™, SDX Interest Rates™, SDX Commodities & Energy™, SDX Equities™, SDX Credit Derivatives™, RMX™, eValueX™, CorporeX™, DataX™,  DGX™ and DGX Direct™ are trademarks of Super Derivatives.

All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.